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AGAT Utility aluminum rim 16 x 1.85 36H

AGAT Utility aluminum rim 16 x 1.85 36H

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Vego Creations has launched AGAT Utility as a new brand.

We will develop not only motorcycle related parts but also useful products for various hobbies.

This shop Big Nuts is operated by Vego Creations Co., Ltd.

Agatu Utility The aluminum rim concept is as affordable as possible to change the style and contribute to handling.We plan to release products worthy of the Utility name in the future.

Since it is possible to build a rim using genuine spokes and nipples, it is possible to upgrade the vehicle easily and economically.

The material uses 7116 to achieve a great weight reduction.

Front: Honda CRF125F Genuine rim unit weight 1.8kg → AGAT Utility aluminum rim 1.2kg → 0.6kg lighter than genuine *1

Rear: Honda CRF125F Genuine rim unit weight 2.2kg → AGAT Utility aluminum rim 1.4kg → 0.8kg lighter than genuine *1

A total of 1.4 kg lighter than the stock rim alone.

It's a great deal to buy the set instead of the front and back separately.

For installation, please ask your dealer.

As for TTR125, we are currently unable to install it, but since the diameter and number of holes are the same, we consider it to be the same fit.

There may be differences in the color of anodized aluminum depending on the production time of the product. Please accept our apologies.

*1 approx. weight


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