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AGAT Utility YAMAHA TTR125 CNC Wheel Axle Spacer Set 6061 F/R

AGAT Utility YAMAHA TTR125 CNC Wheel Axle Spacer Set 6061 F/R

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Front and rear wheel spacers for Yamaha TTR125

1/3 lighter than stock

Although it only weighs 100g, lighter than stock. it is a highly satisfying part, including ease of maintenance.

  • A revolution in performance for fun bike and trail bike riders.
  • It seemed unlikely. That's why we made it.
  • Take your TTR125 to the limit with the lightweight 6061 spacer set.
  • AGAT's 6061 material spacer set: Lightness and reliability in one.
  • Enjoy a powerful riding experience without worrying about weight. AGAT's lightweight wheel spacers make this possible.
  • Lightweight design and strength greatly improve the performance of the YAMAHA TTR125.

AGAT's 6061 material spacer set takes performance and durability to a new level.

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