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USB Port Kit M1 Easy Installation Titanium Color #BG-MFM01-T

USB Port Kit M1 Easy Installation Titanium Color #BG-MFM01-T

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High quality and versatile, easy to install splash proof USB port.


-Product features-

  • Low voltage protection: Automatically stops charging when the battery voltage on the motorcycle side, which is the main power supply, drops below 12.3V
  • Save energy: Standby power consumption when not connected to the USB port is very small at about 0.1mah
  • Since it is a USB port, it is possible to charge various devices (smartphone, drive recorder, navigation, tablet, etc.)
  • Ideal for GPS, etc. that takes power from USB
  • Reverse priority function (can be used even if + and - of wiring are wrong)
  • Since standby power is low, continuous use is possible without going through a switch.
  • Easy to grasp the current status with the indicator display
  • Produces a sturdy and solid feeling with aluminum body

●Indicator display

  • Off: Battery voltage 12.3v or less (terminal cannot be connected)
  • Blinking red: battery voltage 12.3-12.8v or less (need to start the engine or charge the original parent battery)
  • Blinking green: Battery voltage 12.8v or more (good condition)


  • Input Voltage: 12-24V
  • USB output voltage: 5V
  • Maximum current: 2A
  • Cable length: 40 cm only for the cable part (not including the connector and main body)

● Contents

  • M1 USB port
  • M1 USB Holder
  • Cable holder x2
  • Instruction manual (in English, but very easy to understand with illustrations)


*When starting from ACC, etc., connect the USB device after confirming that the power of the main unit is turned on. Due to the protection circuit function, charging will not start when the device is connected.

*This product is splash proof. It is not waterproof but drip-proof and cannot be used in rainy weather.

*It is recommended to install in a met-in space or in a place where it is not exposed to water.

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