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Vego Creations AIO120 Portable Battery Inverter Built-in 1535Wh

Vego Creations AIO120 Portable Battery Inverter Built-in 1535Wh

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We can not ship Kinda Battery products out side JP

We also accept pre-orders for out-of-stock items, so please do not hesitate to contact us . Special order products are 100V 60Hz and 120V 50Hz, and it will take about 2-3 weeks from the time of order.

All In One = AIO + 120 = 120Ah = AIO120

It is designed mainly for in-vehicle use.

The charging port and connector are designed with an emphasis on heat dissipation and safety.

Built-in DC-DC MPPT charge controller

Built-in AC sine wave inverter 1500/2500W

Disadvantages of this product

  1. It doesn't charge fast.
  2. It doesn't look fancy.
  3. Even if AC charging is completed, charging will decrease in a few days.
  4. There are not many AC output ports or USB ports.
  5. My feeling is that the voltage is high.

Conversely, the part that is the merit of this product

  1. It doesn't charge fast, but it's a specification that takes the battery cycle into consideration and puts it in slowly without putting a strain on the battery as much as possible.
  2. It looks like a normal battery and the design is not excellent, but since it is mainly for in-vehicle use, there are no unnecessary things.
  3. Due to the characteristics of lithium batteries, keeping near 100% all the time shortens the life of the battery, so it will temporarily be 100% when charging with AC, but when charging with solar or running, it is recommended to keep 80-90%. Designed to
  4. There are only two AC ports and two USB ports, but we have secured a minimum and sufficient number. Even if there are many ports, if the output exceeds the output, it is putting the cart before the horse. We aimed for a product that can be used by anyone, considering how to isolate problems and the burden on the battery.
  5. There are 100V and 120V specifications, but the 100V specification has an output range of 105-115V, and the 120V specification has an output range of 110V-125V. Basically, home appliances are designed to work even with a voltage error of about 10%, so we try to make the voltage as high as possible within the specification range. The higher the voltage, the more capacity the inverter can use.

As a recommendation from the store manager, we recommend the 120V specification. Recently, quite a few home appliances are compatible with wide voltage. Japanese home appliances are basically designed to operate even with a voltage error of 10% or more, so the higher the voltage on the in-vehicle inverter side, the higher the electrical efficiency. There is a slight difference in the voltage that comes out of the outlet for both 100V and 120V, but due to the drop when using electrical equipment, the voltage drops to around 110V even with the 120V specification. This is not the case for products with low power consumption.

In this case, there is a possibility that the equipment used may malfunction, so please check the equipment you use carefully before ordering.






- Product Specifications -

battery type LiFePO4 Prismatic
Voltage 12.8V
capacity 120Ah
BMS capacity 200A
AC output 1500W / 2500W Momentary
AC voltage 100V or 120V
AC frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
AC output 2
DC output

2x5V 2.1A

2 x 12V 10A sockets

2x12V 50A

1x 12V 175A

Charging time AC 15A / 0-80% about 6 hours
size 420 x 250 x 330mm
weight 25kg


- accessories -

Japanese instruction manual, charger, MC4 connector kit for solar panel connection, Anderson connector, alligator clip for DC175A jump starter, etc.


Please ask a specialty shop or our sales shop to install the product.

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