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G.T. Power B6 Mini 300W Multi Charger

G.T. Power B6 Mini 300W Multi Charger

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操作はIMAX B6と同じですので使用方法が不明な方はご自身にてお調べください。




High power in a very compact body: up to 300W charging at up to 12A; up to 50W discharging at up to 3A. Same control menu as Imax B6.

-Product Details-

  • Input Voltage:DC.10-26V
  • Charge Current:0.1-12A
  • Discharge Current:0.1-3A
  • Charge Power:Max.300W
  • Discharge Power:Max.5W
  • Balance Current:Max.1A
  • Balance Tolerance:±0.01V
  • Charging Capabililty:LiXX 1-6cells/NiXX 1-16cells Pb
  • Battery Voltage:2-20V
  • Weight:94.7g
  • Dimensions:87.5*48.5*30mm
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